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Company Profile

We are one of India's largest business information companies delivering strategic knowledge based conferences /seminars /training workshops. Our commitment to provide
high quality employment services is of benefit to clients and candidates alike-and naturally over the long term to us.
At inconnectiva, our dedication to the highest levels of performance can be summed up in a single phrase-

Quality Partnership.
What is Quality Partnership? It is our team building approach to better understand and define your requirements, establish open communications and develop mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships with our customers, large and small.

Our Mission
The Inconnectiva mission is to become India's leading source of business information by providing focused value-added Strategic Business Conference, Seminars & Training Workshops for Senior Management in India. Our aim is to provide those many opportunities that will assist an organization in developing its strategies and enabling growth.

To Our Customers
We appreciate your patronage. You are our business. We promise to serve and anticipate your needs. we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing world class global business intelligence services and information to assist in strategic and effective decision-making.

To Our Employees
You are our company's most valuable asset. Your contributions have made us what we are today. We need you to move into the future. We strive to create a working environment for you that is open, friendly, exciting, and non-political. We will provide equitable compensation and the opportunity for personal development and growth, which is limited only by your individual ability and desire and corporate opportunity. You will be treated as equal to all other team members. Titles will always reflect only job responsibility, and not importance.

To Our Competitors
We respect you. You share in our vision of the market and help endorse its validity. We will compete with you professionally and ethically. If appropriate, we will cooperate with you to set open standards for the end users of our products.


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