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Conferences and Summits

How often do you go to conferences which truly engage you?

Do you feel that most conferences are events you attend or events that you participate in?

From our event testimonials that we get show that the community of people who have attended our events believe that we do things in a different and better way.

We have built our brand on delivering Interactive, Participative events.

So what do we do differently?

We're obsessive about quality: Our case studies are thoroughly researched and vetted to make sure there are practical take-aways. No product pitches, no corporate PR. Just original, insightful examples that you can.learn.from.

We take a Strategic approach: We focus on the practical approach rather than the theory. So we won't tell you the theory, we'll tell you the how

We're research-led: We don't just report on an industry, we go much further. We research your needs. We go out, we meet your peers, we talk to them in their offices, understand their challenges and our products answer their questions.

We create a forum in which people feel safe to tell it as it really is: Benefits:-

You don't just get the "didn't we do it well" stories, you get to see what really happened including the mistakes and lessons learnt

The barriers between people are broken down. Therefore the quality of interaction is deeper and truer, bringing great benefits for learning and network development.

We are passionate & we take pride in making sure you get every last drop of value from the event

Some of our recently held Human Resources Conferences & Summits include:

  • Engaging Generation Y Masterclass 2012
  • HR Business Partner V 3.0 masterclass
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention Summit 2011
  • The HR Business Partner V-2.0 master Class 2011
  • Internal Branding & Communications Master Class Series 2010
  • The Performance Master Class
  • Designing & Implementing "The HR Scorecard"
  • The Internal Communications Master Class Series 2009
  • Engaging Employees through Turbulent Times
  • Innovative Compensation Rewards & Benefits Programs
  • Recruitment & Retention Summit 2008
  • The Great Place to Work Conference


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