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Culture , Engagement & Beyond

JULY 27 & 28, 2017 , BANGALORE | AUGUST 03 & 04 2017, MUMBAI | AUGUST 10 & 11 2017, GURGAON

Did You Know !!!


In a digital world with increasing transparency and the growing influence of Millennials, employees expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience.

Rather than focus narrowly on employee engagement and culture, organizations are developing an integrated focus on the entire employee experience, bringing together all the workplace, HR, and management practices that impact people on the job. A new marketplace of pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps, and integrated employee self-service tools is helping HR departments understand and improve this experience. Through new approaches such as design thinking and employee journey maps, HR departments are now focusing on understanding and improving this complete experience and using tools such as employee net promoter scores to measure employee satisfaction.

Our recent Survey Highlight’s

  1. Organizational culture, engagement, and employee brand proposition remain top priorities in 2017; employee experience ranks as a major trend again this year.
  2. Nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.
  3. Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents reported they were not ready or only somewhat ready to address the employee experience challenge.

A PRODUCTIVE, positive employee experience has emerged as the new contract between employer and employee. Just as marketing and product teams have moved beyond customer satisfaction to look at total customer experience, so is HR refocusing its efforts on building programs, strategies, and teams that understand and continuously improve the entire employee experience. Our research has identified 11 elements that bring this together, each of which requires focus and attention from HR and management.

The problems of employee engagement and productivity continue to grow. Overall employee engagement, measured by Glassdoor data across thousands of companies, is flat year over year.

Research shows that organizations’ ability to address these issues of engagement and culture has dropped by 14 percent since last year, illustrating how complex the work environment has become. In several important areas, there is little or no improvement at all.

This year’s survey found both challenges and opportunities for improvement across multiple dimensions of the employee experience Several factors make employee experience a challenge today:

  1. First, many companies have not yet made employee experience a priority for HR leaders, often delegating this problem to an annual engagement survey.
  2. Second, while some companies have created the C-suite role of employee experience officer, most companies have not assigned responsibility to a senior executive or team to design and deliver the employee experience.
  3. Third, siloed HR departments often find it difficult to obtain the resources needed to address an integrated set of priorities, which range from management practices to the workplace to benefits and, often, the work culture itself.
  4. Fourth, companies need to update their tools to engage employees on an ongoing basis (with pulse surveys at least) to help HR teams and line leaders understand more fully what the talent they employ expects and values. An employee net promoter score is another important tool in this effort.
  5. Fifth, many companies remain focused on “point-in-time engagement” and have not yet pulled together the disciplines of performance management, goal setting, diversity, inclusion, wellness, workplace design, and leadership into an integrated framework.


Understanding and improving the employee experience is critical for companies operating in a highly competitive global economy. Providing an engaging experience will help companies succeed in attracting and retaining skilled employees. A strong employee experience also drives a strong customer experience.
As organizations shift to a networked, team-based structure, the employee experience becomes both more important and more complex. People today often have multiple roles with multiple managers. A recent study Deloitte completed with Facebook found that only 14 percent of companies believe their internal processes for collaboration and decision making are working well, and 77 percent believe email is no longer a viable tool for effective communication.
Companies need a new approach—one that builds on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically, considering all the contributors to worker satisfaction, engagement, wellness, and alignment.

 Who Should Attend ?

Researched with and developed for Directors, Heads, General Managers, Managers, Officers and Coordinators of:

Human Resources, HR Communications, Internal Communications, Employee Engagement, Employee Communications, Employee Relations, Career Development, Talent Management, Corporate Communications, Coaching & Mentoring, Performance Management, Recruitment & Branding, Organizational Development, Organization Effectiveness, Compensations & Benefits, Workforce Planning / Management

What to expect in '2017’ Masterclass

  • This year's theme is simply "PUSH" --> Ahead of the curve, ahead of your budgets, ahead of your forecasts, ahead of your overall expectations and ahead of your competition
  • The answers to your most pressing trends questions organized into three targeted tracks:

                      - What's Hot?
                       - What's Next?
                        - What's Now?

Why this Masterclass Now!!!!

How do you significantly strengthen engagement?

Great Companies create employee experiences that pull people in—that motivate collaboration, innovation and higher productivity through extraordinary engagement.

Successful companies offer a signature employee experience that is rich with opportunities to enjoy the characteristics they prefer — experiences that give them "goose bumps".

The old rules no longer work, if we truly want to drive our customer experience to its full potential.

We need a shift in the human resources management, and other management staff when approaching the employee experience cycle and journey.

The old rules no longer work, If we truly want to drive our Employee Engagement to its full Potential

Key Learning’s would include:

  1. Decoding the Employee Experience:   What’s all the fuss about?
  2. Design Thinking For HR: Crafting the Employee Experience
  3. Understand Employee Journey Mapping Experience– EXJM (Touch points)
  4. The Candidacy Experience: Designing Your Employee First Physical Moment of Truth
  5. The On-Boarding Experience
  6. The Performance Experience: Achieve Goals. Contribute and Receive Recognition
  7. The GROWTH Experience: Learn, Grow ad Achieve Personal Satisfaction
  8. The Communication Experience: Connecting to Hearts and Minds

Why attend Our Master Class?

Our approach to training aims to deliver exactly what you, the customer, needs and wants. The trainers have significant experience of their topics and have worked in the "real" business world, which enables them to design and deliver in a way that is applicable to the business environment in which you work.

Our emphasis is on learning that reflects real business situations, allowing participants to learn valuable skills that can easily be applied to the workplace.

Smaller Groups, More Personal Attention

We Train delegates in small groups on a friendly and informal basis. This enables trainers to adopt a "hands on" approach, dealing with individuals and the specific needs they have.

This creates a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable learning environment for delegates so they feel more confident about asking questions.

This 2-Day Experiential Learning Event will reinvigorate the way you think about your role and will allow yourself to benchmark against the don’t miss out

Avail of our Special Early Bird Discount Offers & Group Booking Offers … (Request brochure for details)

Don’t hesitate! These 2 Days out of the office will help you transform your organizationIf there's one event that can refocus your company and move it

From flat-line to upswing - THIS IS IT!

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