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Engaging GEN Y

A New Generation of Employees A New Set of Engagement Policies

16 & 17 May 2013, MUMBAI | 23 & 24th May 2013, GURGAON | 06 & 07 June 2013, BANGALORE

Dear HR Collegues.

For years, employers have been aware of employee engagement and retention issues in their workplaces.

These organizations have engagement policies that typically address engagement for the organization under one policy, without any differentiation for the generations of employees.

As the millennial generation (also commonly known as Gen-Y and includes births from 1982 – 2000) grows in the workforce and baby boomers retire, managers and human resources professionals will need to develop new engagement models take into account the generational differences between baby boomers and Millennials.

“The Millennials,” are different than you and me.” Managers accustomed to using certain practices to engage boomers are going to have to change their ways - and practices - if they hope to engage and retain the newest heavily scrutinized employee cohort, GEN Y aka, the Millennials.

Generation Y is taking over the workplace and it’s sooner than you think. By 2025, they will comprise 75% of the workforce. Organizations can no longer avoid it; Generation Y is the fastest growing demographic in the workforce. Engage them now or lose out.

Drawing on Inconnectiva’s & The Strategist 2012 – 13 GEN Y research, This exclusive Master Class Series will help you determine areas you need to pay specific attention to, among them: employer brand, recruitment and retention, career development, individual motivation and generational clashes. 

This is the ONE and ONLY event that doesn't dwell on the past or rehash today's issues. It takes a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT APPROACH and focuses on YOU and what you need - new skills, immediate changes, concrete answers, long and short-term strategies, cost-savings, ROI and more. 

Why This Masterclass Now?

Understanding the GEN Y (Millennial) Difference...

GEN Y , Also known as the Net Generation, Millennials, iGeneration, Second Baby Boom, Google Generation, and the Cynical Generation, currently are the most influential consumer and employee group in the world.

Although they bring energy and innovation to the workplace, the Generation Y is challenging to manage.

Millennials are creating a change in how work gets done, as they work more in teams and use more technology. Their social mindset, however, is also a significant factor. As Leigh Buchanon writes in Meet the Millennials, “One of the characteristics of Millennials, besides the fact that they are masters of digital communication, is that they are primed to do well by doing good. Almost 70 percent say that giving back and being civically engaged are their highest priorities.”

Coupled with the socially minded millennial comes their desire to be creative. Millennials have grown up in a time where information has become available instantly. Through a Google or Wikipedia search, answers to even quite complicated questions can be found. As such, millennials have developed into a group that wants to work on new and tough problems, and ones that require creative solutions. In a 2009 article by Tamara Erickson, a millennial who had been struggling in her role, admitted to peers that, “I guess I just expected that I would get to act on more of my ideas, and that the higher ups here would have figured out by now that the model’s changing.” (Gen Y in the Workforce, Tamara Erickson, Harvard Business Review, February 2009)

They appreciate clear direction, demand immediate feedback on performance, expect to be Consulted and included in management decisions, and demand constant intellectual challenge.

In India, they make up the more than half of the population. Despite the large potential workforce, not all are ‘employment ready’ and so their talents are in short supply.

The Generation Y in India is a remarkable group that is ambitious, optimistic, embraces change and have a clear sense of where they are headed. Most are ‘entrepreneurial and business savvy, as well as technologically capable and connected.

With about half of India’s one billion people under the age of 25, Generation Y in India is the world’s largest. Positioned in a time of exciting and rapid economic growth in the country, they are keen to participate in the country’s future and success. The country’s recent parliament elections saw a huge turnout of Generation Y population, demonstrating their ambition to take the country forward.

Highly competitive, Generation Y is more than ever before seeking higher education and landing jobs in multi-national companies in areas such as IT, back office operations, media, strategy and management positions. With opportunities aplenty in the current economy, they are also job-hopping, something not seen in their parents’ generation.

“Gen Ys expect challenging work assignments, accelerated career growth, socially responsible workplaces, flexible work environments, freedom, and collaboration and innovation from their jobs and employers.”

Is Your Organisation READY?


Benefits of attending: 

10 Practical Ideas that could make a difference, including: 

  • Gen Y: Decoding Them: The common Myth’s & Uncommon Realities
  • Gen Y : Understanding their Moments of TRUTH / Engagement Experiences
  • Gen Y: Attracting THEM , Does Face of the Book Matter to them?
  • Gen Y : Recruiting These Rockstars
  • Gen Y : Onboarding THEM , The Magic of the first 100 Days
  • Gen Y : Creating a Motivating & Happy workplace for THEM
  • Gen Y : Engaging them in the Learning Curve
  • Gen Y : Connecting THEM through Communication
  • Gen Y : Re-booting their Rewards & Recognition Experience
  • Gen Y  : Re-designing your Talent Management Strategies

This master class seeks to bring together the best minds to share insights and strategies on how companies should align their businesses with Generation Y.

At the end of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Analyze and understand the behaviour and attitude of Gen Y.
  • Understand Gen Y’s priority and needs at the workplace.
  • Learn and  apply practical strategies to deal with young employees.
  • Learn proven ways to enhance relationship and provide coaching to Gen Y.
  • Learn effective communication tools and techniques   to engage with the new generation.
  • Understand and apply motivational techniques to retain and develop young performers.
  • Learn best practices in becoming “employer of choice” for young talents

·        And much more…….. 

YES, we do pack a lot into two days. It may seem daunting. But remember: your learning doesn’t have to start or end at the day of the Training! 
The moment you register, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire to be sent back to us. This will include your specific interests, needs and objectives to help us serve you better. 
Add to that all the FREEBIES we've loaded in this year, the face-time you get with our expert failitators (unmatched in the industry), the 24/7 networking, and you'll see this is your must-attend Master Class of the year. 

Why Attend our Training Course?

Our approach to training aims to deliver exactly what you, the customer, needs and wants. The trainers have significant experience of their topics and have worked in the "real" business world, which enables them to design and deliver in a way that is applicable to the business environment in which you work.

Our emphasis is on learning that reflects real business situations, allowing participants to learn valuable skills that can easily be applied to the workplace.

Smaller Groups, More Personal Attention

We Train delegates in small groups on a friendly and informal basis. This enables trainers to adopt a "hands on" approach, dealing with individuals and the specific needs they have.

This creates a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable learning environment for delegates so they feel more confident about asking questions.

This Event will reinvigorate the way you think about your role and will allow yourself to benchmark against the don't miss out

Avail of our Special Discount Offers & Group Booking Offers for Each City (refer to attached brochure for details)

Don't hesitate! These 2 Days out of the office will help you transform your organization

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