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LEARNING as a Strategic Business Partner

Positioning your learning and development function as a strategic business partner through Innovative Outcome Based Learning / Training interventions and ROI measurement processes

BANGALORE : April 15,16 & 17, 2015 | GURGAON : April 22,23 & 24, 2015

Dear Learning Professional.

As organisations are forced to make continual change a core function of their activities, they are drawn to two parallel activities – leadership and learning. Both need to be effective to have a successful organisation. And continual change reduces the opportunity to deliver the kind of static training and development programmes that personify many organisations.

Provision of learning opportunities is an expensive but potentially powerful tool for personal and organisational development. For it to be effective, it must be aligned to business needs. The first step in this process is recognising when learning is required: this comes from a variety of sources not least of which is strategy, change programmes and performance improvements. This critical function is often carried out without sufficient thought being given to its purpose, its outcomes and the evaluation of its results.

Most Organisations acknowledge the need to use some sort of process to identify and analyse learning needs and appreciate the benefits of doing some sort of evaluation of their learning interventions. How well these processes work in reality may be more debatable.

There has been relatively little increase in the adoption of proper training needs analysis in the past five years, and organisations are wasting money sending people on courses they may not need.

We suspect that many learning professionals are still worried about whether the learning is really focussed in the right areas- whether learning interventions actually work and deliver changes in performance in the workplace. We also suspect that many line managers remain uneasy about whether they are fulfilling their responsibilities for the development of their people, and sceptical at times of the efficacy of formal learning interventions. The role of coach and mentor has become more valued , and as a result there has been increased emphasis in ensuring that those roles are carried out in a professional way. Many senior managers still need convincing performance ad ‘bottom line’.

Many Senior Managers that we spoke to believe:

Their investment in training is pretty impressive when you add it up, but it is a bit scattergun. It is not terribly focussed and it is not very well linked to an analysis of skill gaps.... They think they spend a lot of ‘dead’ money on training. Rather than determining exactly who needs what.

This exclusive 3-Day Masterclass is for all these people. We aim to demystify the whole process of learning Needs Analysis (LNA) and Learning Evaluation (LE) and demonstrate not only their relevance to the workplace but the vital part both should play in any learning activity. However, most important of all, we will offer practical advice about how to carry out LNA and how to undertake LE.

It is important to pause a moment to consider what we mean by ‘learning’. When we refer to ‘Training’, it is much clearer what is meant- it implies some formal process intervention to change an individual’s level of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Learning is much wider and more interesting process. Learning can happen in a wide variety of different ways in the work-place.

A formal intervention of some sort – e.g. a traditional ‘classroom’ course, an e-learning module, etc.
A semi-formal intervention – e.g. coaching , a secondment, working on project etc
Informally – ranging from an informal coaching session by a line manager, or help from a colleague, through to the learning that takes place as an almost continuous process as we experience the world and learn from it.

Essentially this 3-day Masterclass is aimed at identifying and analysing the learning needs that will be met primarily by a formal or semi-formal learning intervention of some sort. The evaluation part is similarly aimed at assessing the outcomes and worth of these types of learning interventions.

Course Outline

DAY 1: Aligning the learning & Development Needs Analysis strategy to the Business Strategy


BUILDING FOUNDATIONS: Putting Learning into an Organisational Context

  1. Factors Impacting Business Today
  2. Planned & Unplanned Business Needs
  3. Business Strategy and Organizational Change
  4. Incessant demand for learning, Changing forms of learning
  5. Changing agenda of learning


THE STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP :Aligning the learning and development needs analysis strategy to the business strategy
It is critical that Learning Officers get into the Boardroom where the strategy is developed.
The Learning & Development Leaders unique perspective on change brings clarity to the issues for all employees faced with change and having to go through the process of learning to work in new roles, in new departments, in new businesses.  Too many changes have failed, not because of poor planning but because too little time was spent on leading people through the change and giving them the resources to make the change.



Translating Business Needs into Actions

  1. Identifying the range and extent of learning needs required to meet business needs of the organisation
  2. Specifying those learning needs very precisely
  3. Analysing the learning needs and weeding out the unwanted
  4. Studying effective means of data sourcing for Need Analysis



  1. Using HR Planning to Identify Learning Needs
    1. The Organisational / Operational Level
    2. The Group/Team Level: Identifying Learning Needs which affect particular groups or teams.
  2. Using Succession Planning for identifying Learning Needs
    1. The Individual Level : Identifying Learning needs of individuals

Building relationships across the key people who influence learning SUCCESS : The learner, operational manager, learning professional, designer / trainer and senior management

  1. Installing the Culture of Employee Development
  2. Creating a Dynamic Performance Management System
  3. Using Critical Incidents for Identifying Learning Needs




  1. Preparing a Learning Priority  Aanalysis
  2. Investigating the Capability Index GAP and categorizing the needs
  3. Aligning the budget availability and learning priorities
    1. Setting Priorities




  1. Translating Learning Programs into a Calendar
  2. Balancing the Calendar and Business Seasonality
  3. Balancing the Programs and Learning Platforms


DEVELOPING THE  LEARNING : Translating learning Needs into Learning Programs

  1. The LEARNING approach
  2. The LEARNING Specification
  3. Researching the background of the programs
  4. Aligning the programs for maximizing the resources



  1. How to Design a Training Program
  2. How to construct a module
  3. How to Interlink a module



  1. How to identify the faculty
  2. How to co-create the design
  3. How to co-create the content
  4. How to launch a program and build the momentum
  5. How to encourage pre-read for the program



  1. What is good to have and what is must
  2. How to ensure all is covered and something isn't a miss
  3. How do we ensure that we don't have last minute mishaps



Developing an EVALUATION STRATEGY Plan to implement and sustain Evaluation in the organisation

  1. The Purpose of Evaluation
  2. Evaluation that makes a difference
  3. Evaluation as part of the learning process
  4. A multi-level model
    1. Reaction Level (level 1)
    2. Immediate/ Learning Level (Level 2)
    3. Performance Level Evaluation (levels 3 & 4)
  5. A learning & Development Culture


Collecting, Analysing and Presenting the DATA

  1. Designing the Evaluation Strategy
  2. Methods of Data Collection
  3. Integrating evaluation with the Learning
  4. Validity and Reliability


Cost Effectiveness and the cost benefits of LEARNING

  1. How Cost-Effective is the learning
  2. Do the Benefits of the Learning Interventions justify the expenditure on it
  3. Assessing Benefits using Performance indicators
  4. Assessing benefits through Learning-related projects


Going ‘IN the Box’ Strategy
A-Z of Designing and implementing an eLearning

  1. Developing, implementing and managing an e-learning system to achieve efficiency
  2. Designing a learning portal to enable multidimensional dialogue and harvest innovation
  3. Getting the best out of virtual learning to reach a larger audience with less cost
  4. Helping learners avoid distraction and concentrate on e-learning programs


Learning Going Ahead

  1. Tackling the GEN Y Learning Puzzle to unleash potential and Retain your talent
  2. Learning through Gamification in the workplace
  3. Business Acumen for the L&D Specialist: Cultivating a unique and Deliberate Learning Culture within your organisation that Balances your People and Profit Strategies



 Who Should Attend:

This is a specialist programme appropriate for staff who are eager to learn the process of Training and Learning Needs Analysis (TLNA) and training evaluation. It is essential training for all Human Resource Development (HRD) practitioners

This 3-Day Experiential Learning Event will reinvigorate the way you think about your role and will allow yourself to benchmark against the don’t miss out

Avail of our Special Early Bird Discount Offers & Group Booking Offers … (refer to attached brochure for details)

Don’t hesitate! These 3 Days out of the office will help you transform your organization If there's one event that can refocus your company and move it From flat-line to upswing - THIS IS IT!



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