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Managed Events

Why not outsource the entire production of your conference or seminar to Inconnectiva? We can handle all aspects of the event, from concept development and venue selection through to marketing and on-the-day hosting for a simple fee, or if you prefer, on a profit sharing basis.

This service is ideal for any organisation that does not possess the full range of skills and experience required to put on a whole event. For example, our service can include:

Programme and Content Development

Our first class researchers can assist with refining the content, theme and narrative of an event.

Speaker Acquisition

Our researchers are highly efficient in finding key opinion formers in any given area. We can source, brief and manage important speakers for an event.

Venue Selection

With years of experience in staging conferences we can find the perfect venue for your event - size, layout, atmosphere and location all matter when selecting a venue and our resources and experience can guide you quickly to a successful choice.

Database Development and Management

With thousands of names of prospective delegates in our database we can find the right target audience for your event. If we do not already have contacts in your field, we can research lists. We can also take your own data, clean and prepare it for mail shots and email marketing campaigns.

Delegate Marketing

Inconnectiva's conference marketing team is highly experienced in all aspects of event marketing. We can handle brochure and mailing production, website development, advertising and public relations campaigns, develop email marketing initiatives and negotiate partnership arrangements with third parties. Taken together, we can deliver a fully comprehensive marketing campaign for your event.

Delegate Bookings Support

With our dedicated booking team we can process bookings received in the post, by telephone (via our Booking Hotline), email and through our website. Once they have booked, we ensure that your delegates receive the right information about the event, handle queries and payments, send pre-event reminders and post-event thank you's. Effective delegate administration is vital if your event is to flow smoothly and deliver positive long term relationships.

On Site Production Management

A thousand things can go wrong on the day. Inconnectiva's team handles the on-site logistics for events. We don't promise nothing will ever go wrong, but we do have the experience to keep mistake to a minimum and to fix things fast, if required.

Delegate Documentation

The information provided to delegates on the day can be professionally produced for distribution either in a printed format or on CD-ROMs. Sessions can be video or sound recorded to provide a more comprehensive record and for use in other ways at a later date.

Post Event Follow-Up

We can ensure continuing contact through follow up letters to delegates. We will also provide a full analysis of the event, including financials, delegate's experiences and view on speakers skills, to maximise the effectiveness of future events.


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